Lawn Maintenance

Keep your hands clean and lawn green with the Evergreen Team.  Offering residential and commercial lawn care, the Evergreen Team is #1 in the business.  Lawn maintenance, trimming, spring clean-ups, mulching and gardens are just some of the services offered by our Lawn Maintenance division.



At Evergreen, we provide services that will keep your home looking beautiful all year long. Our services are designed to provide enjoyable living space through the upkeep of the landscaping from green healthy lawn, to rich and weed free gardens.

Our team works hard to ensure that your lawn and garden are looking its best throughout the year. Our regular services range from lawn mowing, fertilization, aeration, garden bed maintenance, pruning, and much more.


We understand that busy schedules affect you, and that not everybody has the time to keep their property at its finest. That is where The Evergreen Team comes in. As a homeowner, you can still be able to enjoy the nature and beauty of your property, without having to do the work.

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It is important to maintain a professional and clean property at your condominium, apartment complex or any business exterior. The Evergreen Team understands this need and provides regular services that will contribute to the image of your commercial property requirements.

Healthy flower beds and precisely trimmed grass will increase the curb appeal of your business or commercial property.  


The hardworking teams at Evergreen will use their expertise, knowledge, and experience to ensure outstanding results that keep the clients delighted. Let your commercial property stand out this year, and get in touch with the Evergreen Team.

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