Waterproofing & Foundation Repair

Leaking basements are a constant worry for homeowners and potential homeowners alike.  The Evergreen Team has been putting those worries to bed for over 20 years across Ontario.  Our professional, experienced team completes most projects within a week.  Each job has it's individual requirements, problems and solutions.  The Evergreen Team will provide a detailed assessment and professional proposal outlining the required repairs.  When it comes to your house, you should leave it to the professionals.  We service all of Ontario and can complete jobs big and small. 

  1. Excavate            & Assess
 2. Replace             & Repair
 3. Back-fill           & Sod

Waterproofing and foundation repairs are best left to the professionals. Major issues affecting homes across Ontario include damp basements and cracked foundations.  At the Evergreen Team we are specialized in diagnosing water problems and eliminating them.  Our foundation repairs and waterproofing services offer the following benefits:


  • Remove moisture, wet spots, and musty odors in the basement

  • Increase the value of your home - smelly musty basements can be a concern for potential buyers

  • Strengthen the foundation of your home - water can weaken the foundation and potential cause it to settle.

  • Eliminate the constant worry of your basement's water problems affecting your home while you are away.

Waterproofing Excavation

The first step is to identify and fix any foundation repairs.  Foundation cracks can be minor or major, some require engineered repairs while others are simple tuck and point fixes.  The Evergreen Team will review your specific situation and determine what the best course of action is.  Once the foundation is repaired, waterproofing can be completed to seal your home from the elements.

Foundation Repair

Waterproofing can be completed with a range of materials and is usually completed in conjunction with a water management plan. Perforated weepers, ¾ clear gravel and 270R fabric are used to create a controlled drainage path for water at your footings. This water is channeled towards your sump pump and then pumped away from your house.  Once complete the Evergreen Team will waterproof your basement walls with modern waterproofing equipment.  Different houses require different materials and installation procedures.  Your house will then be back-filled with clean fill and compacted to avoid settling.

Finished Landscape after Waterproofing

Finally the Evergreen Team can simply re-sod the perimeter of your house, or provide a landscape solution that fits your needs and budget.  Our complete Design and Build division works hand-in-hand with our waterproofing division to fix your leaky basement and landscape your property in one go.  Why go through construction twice when the Evergreen Team can do it all at once. Check out some of our landscaping projects here.